Class stuff 7/25

Hey Ohio students.

Here’s a link to font shortcuts.

Some basic commands

Bold is <strong>

Italics is <em>

A “page break” (to start a new paragraph/line) is <p>

———————–Day 1, Pt. 2—————–

1. We’re going to create a text link. You can check out the instructions page on

To insert a link, you’re going to drop this into your text on your Drupal story page.

<a href=””>Visit W3Schools</a>
Now, you need to replace “; with the website you want to link to (you just have to delete the ” that start and end it). Then you’re going to delete Visit W3Schools and replace it with the text you want.
So, if I wanted to link to my twitter account, I would put
Contact me on <a href=””>Visit W3Schools</a>

Then I’d change out the URL and the text. So it would be:
Contact me on <a>twitter</a>When you publish the story, it will look like this:

Contact me on twitter.

2. And we’re going to put a photo on your page. You will need to upload the pic somewhere that gives you the option of HTML code. I recommend Flickr. There are a ton of places to do this, but Flickr is really easy.

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