Class Stuff 7/26

CONTACT ME— sethtowerhurd [at] gmail [dot] com


Ok, here’s today’s homework.

Feel free to send me your work when you’re ready to have it checked to sethtowerhurd [at] gmail [dot] com. (I write it like this so programs that scan for emails on websites don’t spam me).

Anyway…install a theme (under “appearances” in your top menu. Pick one you like. It’s pretty easy).

Then, go to “content” and you’re going to add a “basic page.” This is a fixed event…so it will eventually be on the top menu of the site when people go to it. So, if you’re doing a resume website, you could make a basic page called “background.”

Whatever kind of page you create, put at least two paragraphs on this. Remember, you can’t just use the enter key to move down, you have to put a page break in:


When your page is done, go to “menu settings” and the bottom, and click “provide a menu link.”

Also…what you name this page will appear in the top menu. Keep it short.

——————–Part 2 of Class Work——————–

A. Easy, but necessary: upload a photo to one of your pages. Click on the “edit” tab of the page, and use the photo uploader (below the text box). This shows you that you can put pics directly into Drupal.

B. You’re doing to put a poll on one of your pages.

Go to modules, and check “poll” and save.

THEN…go to add content. A “poll” option will have appeared.

Make a poll.

Make SURE to go to “publishing options” and uncheck “promote to front page.” Otherwise, the poll will be the first thing on your website.

Go to “menu options” (also toward the bottom of your pop out window) and check “provide a menu link.”

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