Stuff from Web Analytics 8/10

Today, show me you’ve taken a look at:


-Measures your overall social media effectiveness

Edgerank (note: this is down today…but I want you to know it exists)

-Another social media metrics system


-Metrics for videos


-Upload once and distribute your video to pretty much everything

Now, for your grade…

–BE SURE you tell me what you’ll be measuring in your marketing plan. It doesn’t matter what tool you’re using to measure (Google Analytics, WordPress stats, Klout, etc.), just that you tell me what data you’ll be looking at, and how it will show your success.

–DO NOT go over 10 minutes in your presentation. Keep it tight. Long presentations are usually the result of poor planning. If the content is great, 5-7 minutes is fine. I may ask you a question or two at the end.

–I am requiring you to have a visual (powerpoint, or something similar) but DO NOT type up your presentation and read it. This makes the audience dumber. Instead, put up simple graphics, pictures or headlines that go along with your content.

One final note…Since this is the last day of class, I wanted to give you my contact info. You’re close to graduation. If you get a job in something that relates to websites, content management, social media, or metrics…feel free to contact me with any questions.



Email is sethtowerhurd [at] gmail [dot] com (I am writing it like that so that bots can’t scan this post, grab the email, and spam me).

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