Link Journalism–Final Projects.

Update: (Wed, 12:40pm) If you’re having trouble finding long stories, here’s a few.

Middle Class Poorer in the 2000’s

Illegal Immigration and Drivers Licenses

Greek Cuts to be deeper than trailed

Update: (Wed, 12:12pm) If you could like this Facebook page, I would consider it a personal favor. No, you won’t get extra credit or special treatment. It’s a business blog I’m helping with…

Update: (Wed, 10:53am) On Friday, turn your assignment in via a single word document.

Update: (Wed, 10:52am) You must write your own headlines for each story. Don’t re-use the headline of the story you’re summarizing. 

Update: (Wed, 10:07am) You must include links to the stories you’re summarizing. ANY copying will result in failing the final project. 

For your final project…

Two long form stories, at least three hundred words in length. For each story, include at least one link or picture.

Three short summaries, with 75-300 words total, and a link out. A picture or video link is also encouraged.

Note: to get the word count in Microsoft word, highlight the section you want to know, and the word count will appear at the bottom.

A few things I’ll be grading on:

–Everything must have a headline

–The five stories must cover at least three genres of topics: for example: you can have three hard  news stories, two sports stories, and an entertainment news piece.

–Your short news stories MUST be front loaded with the most compelling content, then link out to the full story.

–You’ve got two days to do this, therefore grammar and style must be excellent. Ask a friend to proof your work, and consult Adam and myself with any other questions.

–All work must be emailed as a Microsoft word attachment on Friday.

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