Web Analytics Day 3–October Nights.

Update (7:09pm)

This may be the last time I’m with you (although I certainly plan to attend your graduation, since you’re my first class).

Whatever you do after this,  I’m always available to help. You can always get me on Facebook or Twitter or via email at sethtowerhurd [at] gmail [dot] com

A few books I HIGHLY recommend you read as you start your career.

Gary Vanyerchuck–Crush It! (Just amazing thoughts on passion, career and marketing advice).

Gary Vanyerhcuk–The Thank You Economy (Arguably the best social marketing book out there).

Everything Seth Godin has ever done.

Publishing/business writer Michael Hyatt (his blog is awesome, and his book Platform is the best how-to wordpress/facebook/twitter etc. guide I’ve read).

Part 1: Storytime…where we talk about:


Any other questions about metrics.

Part 2: Grading.

–We’ll start presentations at 9pm.

–DO NOT kill us with Power Point. A few slides. Don’t read off them, or I’ll dock you.

–Real business deals and sales are closed in short, powerful presentations. Therefore…

–You’ve got two and a half hours to prepare.

–No minimum time. But content is king. Wow us.

–Everyone has to talk at some point.

–No matter how good your marketing plan is, if you don’t tie it in to web metrics, you’re going to be seriously disappointed in your grade. (Note: you can ask me, and you’ll have a pretty good idea if you’re on the right track or not).

–That’s all. Make sure you PRACTICE your presentation. No free rides here. You’ve got to hit a home run. You can. I’ll help you. No laziness. Go.

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