9/10/12 WordPress Days 2 & 3 (January Days)

Update: 12:38pm. (Photo for your page) Using images from Google on your own site can be both risky, and look bad. Risky, because you can get sued. Bad, because some of them are pixelated. You can go to sxc.hu, and sign up for a free account to get free, high quality images for your page.

Update: 12:31pm (Linking Pages & Catagories) I have yet to find a theme that’s free that will post both pages and categories for free. If you want to spend money to use a better theme ($50 and up), I can help with that.

If your categories are on the left or right hand side of your page (they probably are), you can create matching pages, then link to your categories. This can be a bit confusing, and I’ll help you do it. So, you would:

1. Create an “audio” page. (This is a static page…and will appear at the top).

2. Create an “audio” category.

3. Create an “audio” menu.

4. Create posts in the “audio” category.

5. Once you have a catagory with at least one post, create a text link from your “audio” page to your “audio” catagories.

Again, this is a confusing process, and I will help you do it.

Update: 11:52am (Menus & Themes) You can either have pages or menus, or both. But you need at least one for the grade.

Pages are the easiest to create. But they’re static…you can’t keep adding to pages.

Menu/Catagories: This is a multi-step process.

1. Under posts, create the categories you want (“audio,” “video,” “news writing,” etc).

2. Then, you have to create Menus (under appearances).

3. Finally, you have to assign your content to specific categories (when you edit posts/create new posts, categories will be on the right hand side below the “update/publish” button.

Update: 11:08am (Themes & Pages) If your theme isn’t showing pages…you have a theme that won’t allow pages. You need a new theme. Here’s a list of approved themes.

Update: 11:08am (Top Image) In your dashboard, go to “Appearance” then “Header,” where you can put up a new title, as well as image on your site.

Part 1: How To… 

Create Pages: Log into your dashboard, and check out “pages” tab on the left hand side.

Create Catagories: Although I’m not going to grade you on catagories, I want you to see what they are. Check out

Part Two: Grading

Overall Presentation: The look of your theme. SPELLING and GRAMMAR. Spacing.

Pages: You must have at least three. The basics would be Bio, Audio, Video.

Salesmanship: Basically, how likely am I to hire you based on what I see?

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