Link Journalism #2 (February Nights)

Update (7:12pm)

Looking for something to write about? Here’s five stories. Developing TV Talent Show For Geniuses (‘An American Idol For Young Wizards’)

The Starbucks Diet: How One Woman Dropped 76 Pounds on Coffee and BistroBoxes


Usher and Shakira will fill in for Cee Lo and Christina next season on ‘The Voice’



So, it’s more of the same tonight.

A few things to be careful about.

1. Capitalize everything in the headline except for connecting words (and, or, to, it, the).

2. SPELLING. GRAMMAR. For your final projects on Thursday, I expect your grammar and spelling to be perfect. That means…trade off and check each other’s work.

3. Because there was some confusion last night, here are the elements I’m looking for.

–Catchy Headline

–A brief summary of what’s going on.

–a reason to click through to the full story.

Here’s an example

Tattoo Regret? There’s Hope

Nearly a quarter of adults have a tattoo, and nearly half of them regret it. However, regret has traditionally been one of the only options, as traditional tattoo removal methods often take several months, and don’t always remove the ink.

A new laser system could cut tattoo removal down to as little as four sessions, providing that the patient is a non-smoker, and the tattoo doesn’t have any of these four characteristics.


–Write three more stories tonight. On Thursday, you’ll be writing five stories for a grade, so take tonight to work out the bugs.

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