Link Journalism #4–The Final Hurrah (Feb Nights)

Final night of Link Journalism!

Here’s the assignment.

–Four stories

-Minimum of 75 words, maximum of 300.

–Use a video and/or picture for each.

Paste into the body of an email…don’t attach as a word doc!

Here’s some good examples from

The McRib Is Made Out of Yoga Mats

Nobody is on the fence about McDonald’s being healthy. Nobody is defending it as being a conscientious option. No blog says, “actually, studies have shown that most McDonald’s food is really good for you.” Nobody has a friend that says, “Can we swing by McDonald’s? I’m counting calories,” unless they’re trying to count to a million. Even so, it’s a little surprising to find out that the McRib—the sauce swamped lump of play-doughy ribcage-shaped sponge-material that can be described as meat only in the sense that it’s brown and (sort of) edible—contains something called “zodicarbonamide, ammonium sulfate and polysorbate 80,” a bleaching agent most commonly used to make yoga mats. Maybe McDonald’s should run with that in their marketing. Yoga mats are probably the healthiest thing on the menu .

Welcome to the Cloud Family, New Cloud Formation

The International Cloud Atlas, an listing of the sky’s various cloud formations, is considering adding a brand new formation to its ranks: undulatus asperatus. You might know it as when the clouds start looking like the world is about to end, but it would also be famous for being the first ever crowd sourced cloud formation. Instead of being discovered and categorized by meteorologists, undulatus asperatus has gotten attention by being photographed by enough of us normal citizens to get the Cloud Appreciation Society(?) to submit the formation to the Royal Meteorlogical Society for approval.

Today’s video for Metric‘s Youth Without Youth leaves us with two observations. First, the band knows how to write a great rock n’ roll song, and second, we have absolutely no idea what is going on in this beautiful video. Bunny rabbits, birthday cakes, football players, rubber tires.


Metric – Youth Without Youth from Metric on Vimeo.

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