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Streaming Day #1 (Feb. Nights)

Individual–Audio A. 2 60 second commercials. B. 1 90 second entertainment spot. C. 1 90 second sports/profile/opinion piece.   Advertisements

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WordPress Day #3–Final Grading (Feb. Nights)

Ok, it’s the last night. Here’s your grading criteria. –3 pages. –4 posts –catagories. –streaming audio & video. That’s it! Email to sethtowerhurd [at] gmail [dot] com. Check out Michelle’s blog.

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WordPress Day #2–Posts and Catagories.

SEE THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST FOR GRADING CRITERIA Tonight, we’re going to create catagories, and then put up posts. Pages vs. Posts A page is static, and isn’t meant to be updated. This is why we made “about me,”

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Drupal Day 1 (Cleveland, January Days)

My email address is sethtowerhurd [at] gmail [dot] com. If you want individual help…I can sign on to the IM program of your choice. An example of a Drupal site: An example of a wordpress site: After

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