WordPress Day #2–Posts and Catagories.


Tonight, we’re going to create catagories, and then put up posts.

Pages vs. Posts

A page is static, and isn’t meant to be updated.

This is why we made “about me,” “bio” and “video” pages…because these aren’t normally going to change (unless you want to add more work, which I encourage you to do). Pages go at the top of your page.

Posts are your most recent content…which is what is going to drive traffic.

So, for tonight…we’re going to make catagories, and write three posts.

1. Under posts, go to “catagories” to create new ones. Depending on your theme, categories might show up on the top, or the side of your website.

2. You can add posts to more than one category. For example, if you’re doing a sports blog, and your catagories are:


NFL Draft



…you could put a post about the Bears draft pick into two catagories.

3. You’re going to write FOUR posts between today and the end of class on Monday. Make sure you put them in categories.

4. Try to have 4-6 catagories.

5. Use an image for each post. You can get good, free images off sxc.hu.

6. Put your image at the top of the post…and then after a paragraph or to, use the “more” button (it’s in your toolbar next to the link/unlink buttons).  It will put a line in…and everything below the line will not appear until the reader clicks “read more.”

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