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Link Journalism #4 (Feb Nights)

Homework is due! Part 1: 4 stories, with multiple links, and a picture that helps tell the story. 300(ish) words. Part 2: 3 short stories, only one link required. 75(ish) words. Remember, everything needs to come from a similar voice.

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Link Journalism #1

Email: sethtowerhurd [at]gmail[dot]com

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April Nights–Social Media and Personal Branding.

The point…Freaking Make Friends! Some basic rules. A. EVERYONE who talks to you deserves a response. I don’t care how big you get. The exception is, if you’re Jay-Z. Are you Jay-Z? Then you owe everyone a response. B. Pick

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Drupal Day #4 (June Days)

Alright…let’s get this thing over with. You need: –At least three pages. –At least two paragraphs on one page. –At least one picture. –At least one piece of embedded media. –Spelling and grammar WILL be graded. Email your work to

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Writing for Websites #1 (April Nights)

Super simple tonight. –5 stories (70-300 words) –Strong headline. –Strong lead line (first 7-8 words are compelling). –Grammar/spelling are corret. JUST IN CASE: anyone is thinking about cheating…If I catch you, I will fail you for the whole course. And,

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Drupal Day #3 (June Days)

So…for your grade. –At least three pages. –At least two paragraphs per page. –GRAMMAR AND SPELLING DO MATTER. (So ask your neighbor to proofread for you). –Embedded video and audio. –Use of pictures. –Use of bold, italics, and links out.

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