Link Journalism #4 (Feb Nights)

Homework is due!

Part 1:
4 stories, with multiple links, and a picture that helps tell the story.
300(ish) words.

Part 2:
3 short stories, only one link required.
75(ish) words.

Remember, everything needs to come from a similar voice. So, if you’re writing for TMZ, don’t include stories about macroeconomics, or the political client in Russia.

When you’re done…

DOUBLE CHECK spelling and grammar.

Then email your word doc to sethtowerhurd[at]gmail[dot]com.

And then…read this post on Facebook’s Edgerank system by Mark Cuban.

After that, I’m available a couple of times a week to talk more with you about personal branding, if you’d like to get started on that. You can always email me, or get me via Facebook or Twitter.

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