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July Nights–Preview of Some Web Stuff.

Three books you MUST read (cause they’re awesome, not because you have to for school). Platform by Michael Hyatt Crush It! and The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuck Read those, watch the vids below, and then contact me at

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Final Day–Web Analytics.

Ok, here we go on the final day. 1. To see wordpress stats, go to (not and click on the “stats” tab. 2. Check out which loads to youtube, vimeo, etc. all in one upload. 3. Quick homework…groups

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AV Streaming Assignment (April Nights)

Part 1: Audio 2 sixty-second commercials with full production (audio, music, sfx if necessary) 1 ninety-second entertainment spot 1 ninety-second sports report, profile, or opinion pieces (basically, be entertaining and compelling for 90 seconds) Part 2: Video Promote something (an

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Project–Web Analytics (Jan Days)

So, you’re going to get a website…   Answer four questions for 10am on Friday. 1. Best content? 2. Worst content? 3. Who’s the audience? 4. What kind of content would increase traffic?

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WordPress Assignment

So… There are no minimums on word count here. But you’re being graded on how interesting you are. Don’t bore the world with what you’re saying. Be compelling. Take risks, and say something that matters. There are a few rules.

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greatest post ever!

gfksdfdg;fsdlgkfsd’;gfkdsgfdgfdgd fgfdkjgf;dkg’; Arkansas football coach isn’t very nice.

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