WordPress Assignment


There are no minimums on word count here.

But you’re being graded on how interesting you are.

Don’t bore the world with what you’re saying.

Be compelling. Take risks, and say something that matters.

There are a few rules.

–two pages.

–two GREAT posts.

–audio, video, and pictures.

Remember, putting this stuff on a blog is not going to get traffic.

Creating something worth engaging in will get you traffic.

Grading scale:

A=requirements met. Minimal spelling/grammar errors. Strong voice.

B=requirements mostly met. Moderate spelling/grammar errors. Adequate voice.

C=You screwed some stuff up. And didn’t try very hard.

D=You did just enough to survive.

F=you’re missing pages. You’re boring. U dusn’t spell stuf so gud even tho werdpress has auto-correct. You obviously didn’t try at all. (And I’ll see you for round two of wordpress).

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