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June Days–2 Minute Newscast (And Toy Story)

Criteria.. –2 min newscast (right at 2 min. No more, no less). –3 news stories. –3 sports stories. –weather Remember to… –lead with a great line. –cover the 5 Ws and the H stuff. –use times new roman font, size

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June Days–Writing and Story Structure

A few things to keep in mind… 1. Match the tone of the website/station you’re writing for. 2. Short(ish) paragraphs, sub-headlines help. 3. Killer headline. When you’re done… email: 1. the URL of the website you’re “writing for” 2. the

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June Days–Prezi, Sales and FB/Twitter/Prezi Vids

Use 1. Introduction/first impression 2. Develop a relationship w/the client 3. Solve the client’s problems 4. Make the ask…and shut up. And, more things to consider: –get them to make a small decision before you ask them to make

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June Days–Stuff to check out.

Three websites to start keeping up on for marketing/branding/tech. Fast Company Forbes Mashable Mark Cuban’s Blog (Owner of the Dallas Mavericks/Part owner of the LA Dodgers/Host of Shark Tank) Check out… …these ten points on contextual advertising¬†(if you want to

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