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August Days–Rich Media Enhancement #3 (Social Media)

Stuff you need to know… …Facebook is now targeting you based on your offline purchases. …Forbes has a list of 19 things successful social media campaigns do. …the Samsung Galaxy III is now a better smartphone than the iPhone. (So…don’t

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June Days–WordPress Pt. 2

Assignment: 1. Two pages. 2. Four posts. 3. Embedded audio AND video. 4. Pictures. 5. BE INTERESTING. 6. Don’t Suck. 7. No, seriously…don’t suck. 8. If you want to get serious about this, you NEED the following books: Michael Hyatt–Platform

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June Days–WordPress.

Remember…don’t be boring. The world has enough stupid crap on the internet. Be original. Get noticed. Here’s tutorials on what we did today.

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