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Audio, Video, and Static Pages

Audio and Video in WordPress If you want to add media to your page WordPress allows you to add audio and video natively using shortcode. I would still strongly recommend using plugins to handle audio and video because good plugins

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For the grade:

1. Be interesting. 2. Have something embedded. 3. Have a pic. 4. Have a static page. 5. Have catagories. 6. Rule 6, is to obey rule 7. 7. Show me a site than can gain fans, in whatever your arena

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Feb Days–WordPress #2

Now that you’ve created a piece of content for every catagory, it’s time to set up menus. NOTE: Not every theme will support menus. If you’re having trouble, see me. Go ahead and create a menu tab for each one

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February Days–WordPress #1

Let’s start by selecting a theme. Go to “appearance” on the left hand side (the paintbrush), and go to “themes.” Select a theme. If you want…you can “activate,” then go to “customize” (in the appearance theme again) and mess with

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October Nights (Chicago) (adsense $$ spying) (facebook measurement) (social media measurement) (mobile site test/speed) (social media backup) And…69 more tools.

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April Days–Marketing Stuff to listen to

Dave Ramsey–Lessons from Entreleadership Seth Godin–Startup School    

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Drupal #4–April Days

To start, we’re going to add a poll to something. You can add a poll from a lot of places, but I really just want to show you the back end of Drupal. If you want to embed a survey

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