Audio, Video, and Static Pages

Audio and Video in WordPress

If you want to add media to your page WordPress allows you to add audio and video natively using shortcode. I would still strongly recommend using plugins to handle audio and video because good plugins will have scripts that will detect the device and the browser your audience is using and display the most appropriate player.

Shortcode is a simple way of adding complex code to your site by wrapping key words in [].That being said here is how you can add audio and video using shortcode.

You can do the same thing with video files by using the key word “video” instead of audio.

Static Pages

  • Open up your WordPress dashboard
  • On the left menu, mouseover “Pages” and click on “Add New”
  • You make a page very much like you make posts, the interface is the same. The only difference between “Pages” and “Posts” is that your pages will not change and you can add pages to your menu bar.
  • Make a simple “About” page.
  • After you publish your page, add it to the menu bar. On the left menu go to “Appearance” then “Menus” then in the drop down menu on the left “Pages” should be selected by default.
  • Check the box next to your page to add it to the menu bar.
  • Click “Add to menu”
  • Click “Save Menu”
  • Then check your page and make sure the page was added to your menu
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