January Days WordPress #5: Last Day

Ok, last day of WordPress.

A few things.

1. Turn in your site by emailing me.




2. If you need a refresher, here’s the codes again.

pagebreak: <p>

subheadline: <h1>your headline goes here</h1> (you can also use h2, h3, etc to get smaller subheadlines)

Embed a tweet/YouTube video/soundcloud file: copy the EMBED code, not the link to the page.

Remember, all this goes in the TEXT tab, not the not the VISUAL tab.

3. All sites are due by 1:30

25% site requirements (6 posts+an about me page)

25% technical (embed at least one of all of the following: youtube, soundcloud, tweet, and use subheadlines)

50% content (be interesting).

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